Top 10 Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: Canada may have a reputation for not being the most cost-effective nation globally, but it’s certainly not the most expensive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Canadian citizen searching for a cheaper area or a non-Canadian who’s thinking of moving to Canada. We’ve compiled the ten most affordable locations to reside in Canada.

Let’s take a look!

                        The Canadian Cheap List

City Average Monthly Living Costs
Prince George, British Columbia $1100
Surrey, British Columbia $1200
Winnipeg, Manitoba $1440
London, Ontario $1450
Quebec City, Quebec $1500
Saint John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador $1800
Montréal, Quebec $1,800
Hamilton, Ontario $1850
Edmonton, Alberta $1850
Halifax, Nova Scotia $1900

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Top 10 Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families

Canada offers a variety of gorgeous, affordable cities that are suitable for families and individuals. Let’s look at each one!

1: Prince George, British Columbia

  • One-bedroom average per month cost: ~ $170
  • The average monthly family-sized apartment rental: is ~ $1514

Prince George, British Columbia revitalizes its downtown revitalization program

Despite having 74,000 people, Prince George’s is one of the most well-known cities in northern BC. The minimum monthly requirement per person is $1100. Rent is usually quite affordable, making Prince George’s an excellent option for those looking for one of the most affordable cities in British Columbia.

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: In manufacturing, forestry was considered the primary industry for an extended period. But the city’s economy is mainly driven by the education, health, and service industries of the present. However, one of the largest and most famous landmarks of Prince George’s is the prominent cancer center and its beautiful nature.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, You can venture out to Prince George’s open fields and lakeside areas to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful Canadian nature.

Fun fact: More than 1,600 streams and lakes are within an hour’s distance from Prince George’s.

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2: Surrey, British Columbia

  • A typical one-bedroom apartment monthly costs: ~ $1488
  • The average monthly family-sized apartment rental: is ~ $2840

We asked why you live in Surrey, B.C. Here's what you said | CBC News

The population is 519,467 residents; Surrey is the second-highest urbanized city in British Columbia. It’s mostly an urban zone; however, it also houses an adequate portion of rural and agricultural areas. The cost of renting might be slightly higher than those in other cities on this list, but the average resident spends $1200 monthly in Surrey. Is that not bad at all?

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: Surrey isn’t just known for being one of the cheapest cities in Canada but also one of the cities growing the fastest. The most popular sectors in Surrey include food and accommodation services, financial, insurance, construction, real estate, education, and science and retail trade. This makes it easy to find jobs.

It may not be the most affordable city we’ve listed. Still, with lower costs for necessities and rents being approximately 20% less expensive than the largest cities in Canada, It’s worth a look. In addition, it’s among the most pleasant cities in Canada and is the warm city we’ve included on our list.

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3: Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • A typical one-bedroom apartment monthly costs: ~ $857
  • The average monthly family-sized apartment rental: is ~ $1577

What Is the Capital of Manitoba? - WorldAtlas

Winnipeg is the most extensive and costly city in Manitoba province, but it’s also among the most cost-effective cities in Canada. The city is home to about 750,534 residents and boasts an affordable cost of living for Manitoba’s capital, approximately $1440 each month.

The city is characterized by extensive snow cover during the winter months and can get quite cold. However, it is pretty hot during the summer months. Therefore, whether you enjoy stunning white landscapes or are more sunshine-loving, Winnipeg is a city where everyone can have fun.

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: Many Canadians believe that Winnipeg is one of the most important industrial centers and one of the most affordable locations in Manitoba. Its primary industries are the manufacturing of buses, motor homes and semi-trailers, fire engines, and storage tanks for agriculture and oil as well as gas.

The biggest drawback is that Winnipeg is high in the rankings regarding criminality rates. According to many different sources, this number has been steadily decreasing yearly.

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4: London, Ontario

  • One-bedroom average each month rental: ~ $975
  • A typical family-sized apartment’s monthly cost: is ~ $1380

Explore Downtown London Ontario - Downtown London

London is a city that offers affordable housing, top-quality health, and education facilities, as well as culture and stunning parks for those who are new to the town. London is also known as the “Forest City” because of the lush greenery and trees which cover the city’s urban areas. London, Ontario, is also one of the most affordable places to reside in Ontario and thus deserves its spot on our list.

There are more than 550,000 people within the metropolitan region, and the best part is that despite becoming a large city, it is still possible to enjoy the small-town, cozy atmosphere. With an average cost per month for necessities of around $1450, this city can be considered an ideal replacement for significant cities in Ontario like Toronto and Ottawa.

The London industry is more focused on IT in addition to healthcare, an essential economic engine within the region.

5: Quebec City, Quebec

  • A typical one-bedroom house each month cost of rent at the expense of $607
  • A typical family-sized house or apartment monthly rental: ~ $1067

Historic District of Old Quebec -- World Heritage Site -- National Geographic

Quebec City, the capital of the Quebec province, is one of the least expensive among the 15 biggest cities in Canada and has an estimated living cost of $1500 per month.

There are 542,298; the most critical sectors of Quebec City’s manufacturing industry are paper production, food production transport equipment, primary chemicals, metals and pharmaceutical products, and refined petroleum and coal-based products.

Apart from being among the cities with the lowest cost of living in Canada, Its combination of old European architecture and greenery can create stunning surroundings. Furthermore, its calendar of social events includes various exciting events throughout the winter and summer seasons that provide fun throughout the year.

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: The main drawback of Quebec City, and in the Quebec province generally, is that it’s a predominantly Francophone region. Therefore, it cannot be easy to be located in the suburbs and far from the urban centers without knowledge of Quebec City’s French language.

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6: Saint John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

  • The average monthly one-bedroom apartment rental: is ~ $717
  • A typical family-sized apartment’s monthly cost: is ~ $925

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador 2023: Best Places to Visit - Tripadvisor

St. John’s is one of the cities with the lowest rentals in Canada. It is the capital in St. John’s, located in the Newfoundland and Labrador province, and has around 114,548 residents, which has an average cost per month for an average of $1800.

St. John’s was a trading post for European fishing. While fishing remains important, the city is the leading service hub of the provincial offshore gas and oil industry. The low cost of housing and the high incomes make the city an ideal choice for anyone planning to move to Canada.

Additionally, purchasing an apartment in St. John’s is significantly less expensive than in other provinces. Add this to the slightly higher median income, and it’s not surprising to learn that St; John’s is one of the most affordable cities in Canada.

But, you may need to make yourself a winter enthusiast to decide to make the city your own. The winters can be harsh, and the summers are cool and average around 20degC.

7: Montreal, Quebec

  • One-bedroom average cost: ~ $702
  • A typical family-sized apartment rental: ~ $1112

Montreal, Quebec - Intelligent Community Forum

Montreal is among the most populated, well-known, and most visited cities. It has an estimated population of 4,291,732. Despite its fame, It’s also the most affordable city in Canada. Around $1,800 per month will be enough for everyday life and is a decent amount compared to other Canadian cities.

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: Many Canadians think of Montreal as a major city of culture in French Canada. Furthermore, the city is home to more restaurants per person than any other location in North America. It’s one of the top cities in Canada for going out for a night, with a wide range of clubs, bars, and eateries.

Manufacturing is the leading industrial center of Montreal, and around one-fifth of the city’s workforce is employed in the manufacturing sector. The other Montreal industries include electronic goods, aerospace pharmaceuticals, printed goods, and telecommunications. Software engineering is a significant component and tourism, tobacco, and transportation.

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8: Hamilton, Ontario

  • One-bedroom average monthly rental: ~ $1000
  • A typical family-sized apartment’s monthly cost: is ~ $1850

Hamilton Ontario Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

If the cost of Toronto makes you hesitant, Hamilton is one of the most desirable places to reside in Ontario. Hamilton has a large population, a rapidly growing food culture, affordable housing, and world-class healthcare. Hamilton’s main business sectors include high-tech manufacturing, agribusiness, and food processing. Still, it’s also the home of other businesses, like finance and insurance, real estate and IT, life sciences, and tourism.

It is nearly tied to Toronto, and the distance is just 70km. However, it can offer lower living costs and affordable rental prices 40% less expensive compared to Toronto.

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: Hamilton’s home to Hamilton is 580,200. On average, people living in the city will spend around $1850 a month. Although it may not appear expensive, it is among Canada’s most affordable cities, particularly if you want to visit nearby destinations such as the 6ix and Niagara Falls.

9: Edmonton, Alberta

  • The average monthly one-bedroom apartment rental: is ~ $881
  • The average monthly family-sized apartment rental: is ~ $1485

17 Things to do in Edmonton Alberta with 24 hours or Less

Although it is the capital city of the Alberta province, Edmonton has better rates for renting than the cities across North America, making it one of the most affordable cities in Canada. Edmonton is home to 982,280 people, and the cost of living at about $1850.

One of Edmonton’s most significant advantages is its youthful city’s population, which makes the city a perfect fit for those who are younger. Although it might not offer the excitement of Toronto and Montreal, Edmonton is still significant, with over 1 million people living there.

With the average wage and a strong economy considered, Edmonton is worth considering in the search for a low-cost area to reside in Canada or, more specifically, Alberta. Suppose you’re worried about finding a job. Edmonton’s primary industries encompass almost everything, including agriculture, energy manufacturing, advanced technology tourism, tourism, and financial services.

But be aware that Edmonton is the most northern city in Canada, and it’s a complete freeze in winter.

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10: Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • One-bedroom average each month cost: ~ $865
  • The average monthly family-sized apartment rental: is ~ $1455

Car Free Journey: Halifax, Nova Scotia – Ecocities Emerging

Halifax is an essential economic hub in the eastern part of Canada. It is the capital city of Nova Scotia, and it houses an estimated 431,479 inhabitants, which is a lot, with the median cost of living being about 1900 dollars per year. But Halifax represents an excellent alternative to the more expensive cities if you’re looking for the least expensive cities within Canada.

Cheapest place to live in Canada for Families: The best thing about Halifax is that the cost of fining is much less expensive than in Toronto, for instance, and the same goes for transport costs and childcare costs. The situation isn’t similar to food, however. Also, why not eat out?

Also, it’s important to note that Halifax is the home of Dalhousie University, one of the top institutions in Canada. When it comes to employment, principally, the industries of Halifax focus on mining, agriculture, fishing, and forestry.

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