Universite de Montreal Scholarships 2023

Study in Canada. Universite de Montreal Scholarships are now open. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of this scholarship and the application process.

Universite de Montreal Scholarships 2023-2024 are tuition fee exemption scholarships. Students from all over the world can apply. The scholarships are offered for master’s, undergraduate, and in addition to Ph.D. studies. Montreal University Scholarships will provide an annual amount of $27,300.

The University of Montreal was founded to provide higher education. In nearly 135 years, it has evolved into an institution serving society in general. Please take a look at a few significant moments in our past.

Universite de Montreal has 10,000 international students, which makes the university Canada’s third-most international university, as per The Times Higher Education ranking. More than 7700 Canadian permanent residents are also enrolled at UdeM each year. UdeM is ranked 36 worldwide for its reputation among its graduates in the eyes of employers, as per The Global U.S. Employability Rating.

Scholarship Summary

  • Degree of Study: Undergraduate /Masters / Ph.D.
  • Institution(s): Universite de Montreal
  • Studied in Canada
  • Courses Available: Students can enroll in any course offered by the university.
  • Program Duration: Depends on the degree program
  • Deadline for HTML0: Feb. 1 2023/September 1st 2023

Scholarship Coverage

The Universite de Montréal Scholarships will give the following advantages:


The quality of your academic record is the only criterion to be considered in determining what amount you are eligible for the award. The analysis results are ranked based on the three levels below:

  • level A: $11,998 annually (2 sessions equivalent to 30 credits) (or $5999 for each session (15 credits) or $399 per credit
  • Level B: $5,718 annually (2 sessions equivalent to 30 credits), which is the equivalent of $2,859 for each session (15 credits) or $190.60 per credit
  • Level C: $2000 for the year (2 sessions equivalent to 30 credits), which is $1.000 for each session (15 credits) or $66.67 per credit

The amounts are used to pay tuition fees of $23,662 per calendar year (30 credits).


To assist you in studying for your master’s degree as an internationally-student, you can receive a partial exemption from the extra tuition fees typically applied to international students is offered.

  • $9,420 for the year: (3 sessions equal to 45 credits) equivalent to 3140 dollars per hour (equivalent to 15 credits)

This sum is used to pay tuition fees of $27,300 annually (45 credit hours).


To assist you with studying for your master’s degree as an internationally-student, you can get a complete waiver of additional tuition fees typically applied to international students is provided.

This exemption bursary permits you to enjoy the exact tuition costs of Quebec graduate studies students.

  • $19,339 annually: (3 sessions, roughly 45 credits) is the equivalent of $6,546 for each session (equivalent to fifteen credits) for the duration of your study.

This sum is added to tuition charges of $24,300 for the academic year (45 credit hours).

Eligibility Criteria to be a part of Universite de Montreal Scholarships

To be eligible to be considered for the Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship, The applicant must satisfy the following criteria listed below:

  • The language that is required is English.
  • Inadmissible Countries: All world countries
  • They must have a permit to study and aren’t permanent residents or Canadian citizens.
  • You must be fully enrolled in a study course during your study.
  • Students cannot benefit from another type of tuition exemption by a different policy or procedure. For instance, French and Belgian Francophone students already have this exemption.

How do I apply to be considered for Universite de Montreal Scholarships?

Please follow the below instructions for applying for this award:

Join the YouTube channel for step-by-step instructions on the application instructions.

1. Make an application to be admitted

To get your application and the admissions processes off to a great start, you should look into ” Compass,” an interactive checklist that walks you through the steps to follow. When filling out the application form, ensure that you adhere to the deadlines for application submission and examine the admissions prerequisites for the programs you are interested in.

2. Check your file regularly, and you will be offered admission

Within a few days of submitting your entries form, you will receive access codes to your “Student Centre.” This is the place that allows you to track your application and get your acceptance offer letter.

3. Accept the invitation to join to begin the assessment

There is no requirement to apply for an UdeM Exemption Scholarship. Candidates applications will be evaluated to determine their eligibility and what amount they can receive as an exemption.

4. You will receive the award notification along with the amount

Once you have received your acceptance offer, after receiving your admissions letter, Universite de Montreal will promptly notify you via email of what amount to award to you. Keep this document in a safe location. It can be helpful as a reference for the future.


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