Cost Of Living In Canada As An International Student; Nigerian or African

Living in Canada can be quite expensive and this is the part you do not get told about most times and we are just going to tell you what to expect while going to live in Canada and what it will definitely look like living there.

Since there are parts of Canada that people would love to live in and mostly it is around the province of Vancouver we will be looking to centering the focus of this whole topic around the Vancouver province and explore how much it will actually cost you to live there.

Lets look at the first thing a lot of people would want to look at first and that is the Utilities.

Utilities, Internet, and Cable

There is a reason we will be looking at this first as a result of the fact that even if you are living with someone while you have arrived at Canada, and Vancouver to be precise, you will also still need to use your own internet and maybe a Cable TV provider so this is why we choose this first. In the event of some other utilities like heat, cooling, water, garbage collection, and electricity monthly bill for basic utilities is around $102. That stated, you will also need to budget approximately $80 per month for cable and internet services.

Lets talk about Phone plans

Now you might expect this should be your regular country such as Nigeria and other African countries but this is not and as such you will need to budget some payment with range from $15 to $57 per month for your phone plans and this could get more costly depending on which plan you are going for and what you are doing with these phones.

About Lifestyle and Entertainment in Canada?

I guess you are here to study and if not then you might need to make out some good figures like $60-$100 CAD for your entertainment on a monthly basis or a Weekly basis and this is dependent on how well and how hard you party.

Your shopping is excluded from this as a result of the fact that you are not actually adding shopping to entertainments

Transportation in Canada

Getting a fair car by the standards of Canada will be around $19,500 but aside that $181 is responsible for a three zone Monthly pass.

Although you can get a car for rent monthly and you can only get to pay $200 per month. Keep in mind that you will also need to budget for insurance, gas, and maintenance costs.

Food and Groceries in Canada

Now you might be thinking that the cost of feeding in Canada if you decide not to eat out, by buying the groceries and keeping them at home and cooking by yourself is going to be an amount over the moon but it is not by what I understand. You need to budget and pay around $355 per month for your full groceries but if you are a person who loves eating out then be my guest as you pay between $15 to $35 each for a meal.

Unforeseen circumstances

Well we all do have expenses we did not plan or anything and this is among the reasons why people are really not getting their finances right when they travel to Canada and this is the reason.

You will need to budget $200 per month for miscellaneous expenses as they are sure to come out and disturb you.

And now lastly, how much do you pay for rent in Canada?

This is looking at the fact that if you want to live alone or live with a roommate so if you choose any of these, here is the amount you are expected to pay for rent.

  • One-bedroom apartment ranges from $1,600 to $2,400 per month
  • Shared accommodation costs between $500 to $1,000 per month

In essence, it will cost an international student in Canada somewhere between the range from $1,200 to $6,800 to live monthly as their monthly expenses and this is huge compared to what we live on in Nigeria here.