10 Certificate-Free Job Opportunities in Canada for 2023

Certificate-free jobs are jobs you can get without having an educational certificate. There are quite many of them anyways, and this article lists a good number. Some of these jobs can also be a “side gig” for you when you migrate to Canada, and they actually offer good pay.

However, notwithstanding, most of these jobs require you to have at least the basic knowledge, skill, or formal education to qualify. You could be earning up to $40,000 CAD as annual gross pay from these certificate-free jobs. They are called certificate-free because it’s not compulsory that you provide educational credentials before being offered the job.

10 Certificate-Free Job Opportunities in Canada for 2023

1. Chef / Cook

Although big companies may request some educational certification to employ you as a check/cook, quite many households in Canada are not interested in your educational background. There are thousands of opportunities for this unskilled job and the annual gross pay is around $35,000 – $41,000 CAD.

But then, to get employed as a chef or cook in some homes or companies, you need to have a culinary certification. As a chef or cook, you’re expected to make different types of meals and, maybe, smoothies too, for the organization or family you’re employed into. This is one of the in-demand jobs in Canada at the moment.

2. Driver

There’s no high-school or university certification needed to get employed as a driver in Canada. For most people that employ drivers, the only qualification needed is proof that you can drive – maybe a certificate from a driving school. Some may not request any certification to offer you the job – provided you have your driving license.

You could be employed to be a private driver – to drive a family around the province or interstates, or you could work as a delivery man for a business. Drivers in Canada earn around $40,000 to $60,000 CAD annually. Of course, some drivers earn more, depending on the firm they work for and their hourly rates.

3. Housekeeper / Officekeeper

This job does not require any qualifications at all, and you could still earn over $20,000 as gross salary annually. The interesting part of working as an office-keeper in Canadian firms is that you get paid for spending only a few hours per day – cleaning the firm. Well, if you’re employed in a home, you may have to live with your employer.

Housekeepers are typically tasked with keeping the compound and inside the house (offices) clean at all times. It does not include cooking and washing clothes, dishes, or any other dirt stuff for your employer. Being a housekeeper in Canada is quite a flexible job with good pay – you’d have enough time to attend to your other personal needs.

4. Domestic Maid

Apparently, you can work as a domestic maid in Canada and earn up to $40,000 CAD annually along with some good perks. A domestic help or aid can serve as a house cleaner that ensures every part of the house stays clean always, including doing the dirty dishes and laundry. The roles a domestic aid may play varies from home to home.

There are organizations you can register with and they’d link you up with clients (homeowners) looking for domestic maids they can hire or offer full-time employment. The terms vastly differ as said earlier, and no certification is needed to get this job. Some experienced maids in Canada earn up to $51,000 CAD annually.

5. Repairman

If you have the skills and knowledge, you can start offering repair services to Canadian firms or homes. Everyone in Canadian uses multiple appliances, gadgets, systems, and devices, you could identify as a repairman with professionalism in fixing these things when they get spoilt. Also, you could liaise with some noteworthy repairmen associations to get a certification.

As a repairman, you can work on your own as a self-employed worker, or join a clique. That notwithstanding, you may need some educational qualifications to register as a member of some repairmen bodies/associations. The average annual earning of repairmen in Canada is calculated to exceed $50,000 CAD.

6. Farm Worker

With an average annual gross earning of $25,000 to $40,000 CAD, farm workers are among the highest-earning workers who got their jobs without a certificate. Well, some large-scale farms will request educational qualifications, but you could start with small farms, amass experience, and then apply to large farms, they’d most likely employ you without requesting a compulsory educational qualification.

The government of Canada agrees that there’s a growing need for farm workers in the country; this is because more agri-food companies are launching, creating more and more job opportunities in the sector. You can also apply for an Agri-Food Pilot visa to work in the agricultural sector in Canada.

7. Welder

Know how to blend metals through welding? You could be earning yourself over 50 grand annually if you decide to take it up as a profession. Currently, welding is one of the trendy in-demand jobs in Canada and it requires absolutely no degree or educational certificate to get started with.

Depending on your welding proficiency, you could get employed in a manufacturing or engineering firm. Also, automobile companies could employ you to work for/with them. Welding is a great job for new immigrants coming to Canada with the skill. Nevertheless, you may want to acquire a certificate from a welding school or apprenticeship program to increase your chances of winning higher pay jobs and contracts.

8. Bar Tender / Food Servers

You could secure employment to work as a bartender or wine caterer in a Canadian restaurant or hotel. This job does not necessarily require you to submit a certificate and the pay is relatively acceptable. There are many Canadian bars in need of bartenders and food servers. However, some employers would have you undergo in-house training on how to deliver your services.

Bartenders and food servers in Canada earn up to $30,000 gross salary, annually, and depending on the restaurant, eatery, bar, or hotel you work in, the pay could be much higher. You can also seek this job opportunity in dining rooms and beaches. Work hours vary depending on where you work.

9. Site Cleaner

You can work as a site cleaner in construction sites. This job opportunity requires zero certification – you only need to know how to clean out construction messes, some of which can be quite difficult to clean. Also, you can work as a site cleaner and combine it with another side gig as you wouldn’t spend all day in the construction site.

Construction site cleaners may need to own specific cleaning machines or gadgets – and a truck (in some cases). Hourly pay for this job type is around $16.0 to $20.0, depending on different factors, which would be clearly specified in the contract documents. As a site cleaner, you may also participate in unloading construction materials to the right side on the site.

10. Vacation Cabin Cleaners

There are a lot of tourist centers in Canada; people come to these places from different countries of the world to spend quality time alone or with their partners, kids, family, or colleagues. You can apply to these tourist centers to work as a cabin cleaner. Your job would be to clean up the cabins when their tourist occupants must have checked out.

Of course, there could be other assignments for you, such as acting as a guide to the tourists that visit the center. For this job, you could be earning over $40,000 annually, excluding tips that may come from tourists. This job is similar to housekeeping, but this time, you’re doing it in a tourist site.

What More?

These are the top 10 certificate-free job opportunities in Canada. Apparently, these are evergreen jobs with vacancies being advertised regularly. You can secure these jobs as your main gig and still have some time to take on side gigs.

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